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  • What is NetTube for iPhone?

    NetTube for iPhone is a mobile app that allows users to play videos and playback audio featured from sources like YouTube. Unlike the official YouTube app, NetTube includes features that are no longer possible, like caching videos for playback without an internet connection.

  • Is NetTube for iPhone free?

    Yes, NetTube is free to download and use. The application does, however, contain ads. This is so that developers can generate revenue that compensates their work and future updates. Some users may find these ads to be distracting, intrusive or simply not relevant.

  • Is NetTube for iPhone safe?

    NetTube is safe to use does not contain malicious malware or adware. It also doesn’t feature inappropriate content, as the videos are sources from YouTube, which has strict guidelines on the type of content it allows to be hosted through its service.

  • What platforms is NetTube for iPhone available on?

    NetTube is available on and developed for iPhone. It cannot be downloaded and installed on Android devices or PCs, though comparable applications do exist for other devices that include the same features that the official YouTube app doesn’t

  • How does NetTube compare to Youtube?

    While NetTube’s library of video content is sourced directly from YouTube, it performs in a different way. YouTube’s official application is limited in functionality and doesn’t include many features that once made it one of the most popular iPhone application. NetTube aims to bring back those features and create an alternative to the official app.

  • Does NetTube allow background playback?

    Yes, background playback is available with NetTube. Though the official app discontinued this feature, NetTube has included it, as well as the ability to cache videos for playback offline.

  • How often is NetTube updated?

    NetTube is no longer updated regularly. At its last update, it was supported on iOS 8. Because it is outdated, it may no longer be usable on the current version of iOS.

  • Does NetTube for iPhone contain ads?

    Yes, NetTube contains ads. In addition to embedded ads that appear before monetized videos in order for content creators to generate revenue, it features banner ads. This is done so the developers can be compensated for their work without charging users for the app.

  • Do I need an account to use NetTube?

    No, you do not need an account in order to use NetTube. YouTube users are required to have an account in order to save search and viewing history and create playlists, however, these can be done on NetTube right out of the box without logging in.

  • Is NetTube for iPhone legal?

    Yes, NetTube for iPhone is legal. Though the videos are sourced from YouTube, nothing about the application breaks any laws. It may, however, break Apple’s Terms and Conditions regarding apps that appear on the App Store. Apple does not allow applications that cache videos or audio on the App Store, as it can’t regulate this content. It also competes against Apple’s own music application and its paid streaming service, Apple Music.

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